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Third Party Tools for Autonomie


Pounder (Practical Optimization Using No DERivatives)

Pounder is a simulation-based optimization algorithm developed at Argonne National Laboratory by the Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) Division. A version was implemented for Autonomie, and uses parallel processing of fuel economy cycles and performance cycles.

You can download the ready-to-use files on the MCS website at

After downloading the files, copy them into the Autonomie folder:

Initialization Data

BatPaC (Battery Performance and Cost Model)

BatPaC (Battery Performance and Cost Model) provides the manufacturing cost, estimated charge/discharge power capabilities and available energy from battery packs. This tool was also developed by Argonne.

It can be downloaded for free from

We recommend that the BatPaC xlsx file be copied to <Autonomie>\systems\veh\vpa\ess\plant\preproc. If BatPaC is in another location, please ensure that it is added to the Autonomie path in the start screen.

BatPaC version 2.2 is currently supported by Autonomie Rev13 SP1.


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