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Software Tool and Process Development

For more than 10 years, Argonne’s Vehicle Modeling Simulation and Control group has been focusing on developing software tools to facilitate the evaluation and development of advanced vehicle technologies with the development of PSAT and more recently Autonomie.

Autonomie has been designed to be used as a single tool throughout the different phases of Model Based Design of the Vehicle Development Process (VDP). Model-Based Design is a math-based visual method for designing complex control systems and is being used successfully in many motion control, industrial, aerospace, and automotive applications. Autonomie’s development has been focused on allowing users to customize the tool during each phase of the Model-Based Design, including component models, controls, and processes.

Each of the Model-Based Design steps is used to support different phases of the project, from evaluation of powertrain configurations, to component sizing, to control development and hardware testing and implementation. Over the years, Argonne’s Vehicle Modeling Simulation and Control group has acquired a unique expertise in many of these areas.

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