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Recent & Future Events

  • U-M teams with Argonne, Idaho national labs to study potential energy savings of connected vehicles
  • Argonne Smart Mobility Overview
  • Presentation entitled “Modeling electrified vehicles under different thermal conditions” was given at the SAE Thermal Conference (10/01)
  • Presentation and paper entitled “Vehicle Energy Management Optimisation through Digital Maps and Connectivity” was given at the ITS World Congress
  • Presentation and paper entitled “Rapid Partitioning, Automatic Assembly and Multi-core Simulation of Distributed Vehicle Systems” was given at VPPC 2015 (10/18-22)
  • Presentation entitled “Impact of Connection and Automation on Electrified Vehicles Energy Consumption” was given at the Vehicle Electrification and Connected Vehicle Technology Forum (VECV) 2015 (12/03-04)
  • The following papers will be presented at the 2016 SAE World Congress
    • Connected Automated Vehicle Fuel Consumption Impact on Electrified Powertrain Vehicle
    • Cost saving potential of using a power and energy battery combination in a BEV 300
    • Comparing the powertrain energy densities of electric and gasoline vehicles
    • Model Validation of the Honda Accord Plug-In
    • Integration of Vehicle Performance and Fuel Economy Software with Military Ground Vehicle Battlefield Simulation Tools
  • The following papers will be presented at the EVS 27 conference
    • “A Large Scale Simulation Process to evaluate Powertrain Technology Targets with Real World Driving “
    • ”Impact of Fuel Cell and Storage System Improvement on Fuel Consumption and Cost”
    • “Driving an Industry: Medium and Heavy Duty Fuel Cell Electric Truck Targets”


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