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Vehicle Energy Consumption and Performance Analysis

Argonne researchers have applied their expertise in modeling, simulation and control to develop new control theories and designs for advanced vehicles. Working with government organizations (e.g., US DOE, US DOT…) and leading car and truck manufacturers as well as suppliers, the System Modeling and Control group has extensive research focused on vehicle energy consumption and performance, including impact of component sizing, powertrain design, advanced component technologies and vehicle level control.

Main Group Expertise

  • Development of streamlined workflow for model validation, vehicle level control algorithm reverse-engineering using test data, calibration, optimization…
  • Large scale simulation (i.e., >100,00 vehicles, technologies, processes…) to quantify the impact of multiple technologies on a wide range of driving conditions including uncertainty
  • Large scale database analysis, including QA/QC
  • Advanced vehicle level control algorithm development, including global optimization, heuristic optimization, and route based control…
  • Vehicle Trip Prediction Tool: generates stochastic speed profiles that match on a segment-by-segment basis the predicted macroscopic properties of the route as given by HERE digital maps. This tool is essential for route-based energy management and green-routing.

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