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Component Technologies Impact on Fuel Efficiency
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Vehicle Level Control
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Heavy Duty


While it is might be easy to develop a suboptimal advanced vehicle, significant expertise is necessary to develop a vehicle level control logic that minimizes fuel consumption and emissions while maintaining drive quality.  For electric drive vehicles, the vehicle level control decides:

  • Engine (or fuel cell) ON/OFF
  • Component operating conditions (i.e., torque, speed, current voltage)
  • Shifting algorithm (when multi-gear transmission is present)
  • Mode selection (e.g., input, compound or fixed gear in 2 Mode power split)
  • Battery SOC control

To achieve that goal, numerous approaches are possible. Over the past decade, ANL’s Vehicle Modeling Simulation and Control group has developed and used numerous approaches, including:

  • Global optimization (Dynamic Programming) (pdf)
  • Rule based logic (pdf)
  • Heuristic optimization (i.e., DIRECT = Divided Rectangle Algorithm, Genetic algorithm) (pdf)
  • Instantaneous optimization (pdf)

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Instantaneously Optimized Controller for a Multimode Hybrid Electric Vehicle (pdf)

Plug-in Vehicle Control Strategy: From Global Optimization to Real Time Application (pdf)


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