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Model Based Design
Component Technologies Impact on Fuel Efficiency
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Powertrain Configuration
Component Requirements
Vehicle Level Control
Model Validation
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Heavy Duty


When designing a vehicle for a specific application, the goal is to select the powertrain configuration that maximizes the fuel displaced and yet minimizes the sizes of components.  With more than 400 pre-defined powertrain configurations, Autonomie is the perfect tool to assess the advantage and drawback of each option within the main families: series, parallel and power split.

Different approaches have been used to perform such tasks:

One of the major questions that remain to be answered is the benefit of added complexity, especially since the addition of multi-mode power split systems.  Based on Argonne’s extensive expertise in multi mode systems, a project is currently on-going to compare single mode systems with several multi-mode, including 2 mode and higher.  To achieve that goal, each of the transmission model options were modeled in SimDriveline based on existing patents. The vehicle level control strategies were then developed based on validated vehicle models using Argonne’S APRF test data.

powertrain complexity

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Fair Comparison of Powertrain Configurations for Plug-In Hybrid Operation using Global Optimization (pdf)

Comparison of Powertrain Configuration for Plug-in HEVs from a Fuel Economy Perspective (pdf)

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