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Medium and heavy duty vehicle fuel consumption has been increasing over the years to account for 26% of the transportation fuel in 2008.  Due to the diversity of applications and the large number of technology options, the use of a simulation tool such as Autonomie is necessary to sort the different possibilities.

In order to achieve that goal, Argonne’s Vehicle Modeling, Simulation and Control group has been working closely with truck manufacturers, suppliers and national laboratories to develop and integrate specific features for medium and heavy duty applications, including:

Argonne has also been working with OEMs and government agencies to validate several applications, including pickup truck to P&D, bus and line haul.

work with oems

In addition, several vehicle level control strategies as well as shifting algorithms were developed to reproduce drivers behaviors, especially for line haul applications.  These models were used to support several studies for the U.S. DOE.

The models were also used to support the National Academy of Science committee for Medium and Heavy Duty Fuel Economy. The work performed in the study provided illustration for numerous technologies, from dieselization to transmission and hybridization. An example is provided below demonstrating the benefits of different technologies on a Class 2B pickup truck compared to the sum of all technologies. The report is available.

combined technologies summary

Last update September 2010


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