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In order to properly evaluate the benefit of specific advanced technologies, it is necessary to evaluate cost in addition to fuel consumption.  Argonne’s Vehicle Modeling Simulation and Control group has been working with cost experts inside and outside of U.S. DOE community to define the cost of numerous advanced technologies.

The model is based on evaluating the cost of each component technology (e.g., engine, electric machine, battery) for different timeframes. Uncertainties are then applied to each particular case. The model focuses on the incremental cost of a specific technology over another one rather than its particular value.

The approach has been used in numerous studies to support the U.S. DOE. One of the primary study is the Government Performance and Result Act (GPRA) where more than 2000 vehicles are evaluated for different timeframes (current to 2045), powertrain technologies, and fuels. An example of results for HEVs is shown below.

HEVs evaluation

Last update September 2010


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