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To reduce development time and introduce technologies faster to the market, many companies have been turning more and more to Model Based DesignIn Model Based Design, the development process centers around a system model, from requirements capture and design to implementation and test.  Engineers can skip over a generation of system design processes on the basis of hand coding and use graphical models to design, analyze, and implement the software that determines machine performance and behavior.  One of the steps of Model Based Design is Component-in-the-Loop.

Engineers in Argonne National Laboratory’s Center for Transportation Research have developed Component-in-the-Loop (CIL) systems and processes to evaluate the impact of vehicle energy management schemes, component control unit parameters, powertrain configurations on fuel and/or electrical consumption. Argonne has used the CIL for several components, including:

The ability of Autonomie to build every single model from scratch allows users to select specific system configurations for the different steps of Model Based DesignFor example, the figure below shows how Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can reuse systems for specific applications using generic system organizations. A generic process has been developed for each step of the Model Based Design.

Generic Component System Configuration for Simulation (left) and Hardware Interactions (right)Generic Component System Configuration for Simulation (left) and Hardware Interactions (right)

Generic Component System Configuration for Simulation (left)
and Hardware Interactions (right)

Last update September 2010

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Model Based Design for HEV Development, MathWorks HEV Seminar (pdf)

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