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Training for Autonomie can be provided. Topics addressed during the training include:

  • Getting started with Autonomie
  • Load and run existing vehicle models, from conventional to hybrid to electric drive (HEV, PHEV, EV)
  • Analyze fuel economy and performance results as well as detailed component operating conditions
  • Modify existing models, files and parameters
  • Select and use processes (i.e., drive cycles, performance tests, procedures…)
  • Understand models and control strategies
  • Create vehicles from existing systems
  • Run vehicles outside the GUI for development
  • Customize the tool, including
    • Proprietary data
    • Proprietary models
    • Linkage with Subject Matter Expert tools (i.e., GT-Power, AMESim, CarSim)

LMS organizes training throughout the year. For information or to request a training at your facility, please contact


  • Autonomie Overview, January 2008 (ANL - Autonomie Training Part 1 - Overview) (pdf)
  • Software Organization  (ANL - Autonomie Training Part 2A - Organization - Software) (pdf)
  • Graphical User Interface Organization (ANL - Autonomie Training Part 2B - Organization - Graphical User Interface) (pdf)
  • Model Organization (ANL - Autonomie Training Part 2C - Organization - Mode) (pdf)
  • How to Simulate an Existing Vehicle  (ANL - Autonomie Training Part 3A - Getting Started - How to Simulate an Existing Vehicle) (pdf)
  • How to Select Existing Processes (ANL - Autonomie Training Part 3B - Getting Started - How to Select Existing Processes) (pdf)
  • How to Analyze Results (ANL - Autonomie Training Part 3D - Getting Started - How to Analyze Results) (pdf)


You will need Windows Media Player to view these videos and you might need to turn the volume up.

General Videos

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