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Recent & Future Events

  • The following papers were presented at Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS) 26 2012 in May
    • Fuel Consumption Potential of Different Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Architectures in the European and American Contexts (collaboration with IFP Energy Nouvelles) (AD-EVS26)
    • Optimal Control Strategy for PHEVs Using Prediction of Future Driving Schedule (collaboration with Seoul national University) (DL-EVS26)
    • Energy Consumption Prediction of a Vehicle along a User-Specified Real World Trip (DK-EVS26)
    • Light Duty Vehicle Fuel Consumption, Cost and Market Penetration Potential by 2020 (collaboration with U.S. DOE) (JW-EVS26)
    • Medium and Heavy Duty Hybrid Electric Vehicle Sizing to maximize Fuel Consumption Displacement on Real World Drive Cycles (CF-EVS26)

Last update October 2012


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